City Garden

A garden does not have to be green, there many example of paved courtyard in the world where beauty lies in the pattern and textures of the area. Can be water features, jungles or idle walls. We, Masaimara Gardening tend to design according to the nature of the place, discussing the design with the client/municipal […]

Garden Supplies

Make Masaimara Gardening Company Ltd your destitation for home and garden supplies. We have a wide variety of products and services to meet all ypur gardening needs-whether you are just getting started or you have mastered gardening.We have a massive selection of flowers pots, plants,plant stands, garden supplies, giftwares and accessories, and the selection keeps growing.

Landscaping/ Garden Design

At Masaimara Gardening Company Ltd, our team of trained landscape design professional can assist in creating a unique, relaxing and enjoyable addition to your home. We provide elegant landscape and garden design services such as plant selection, layout, and oversight from concepts to completion.